Touchless Bathroom Trash Can

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  • NOTICE FOR CUSTOMERS – This product is a bathroom motion sensor trash can, customers need to install 2 AA batteries as well as follow the steps to put on the garbage bag. After the sensor light turns on, you can wave your hand or bend your knees to open the lid. When the sensor light turns off after 5 seconds, the lid will automatically close.
  • UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY,EASY TO CLEAN – IPX5 technology waterproof motion sensor. Splash proof and prevent moisture damage to products.The kitchen trash can touchless is treated with ABS + PP plastic material, so it is long lasting, with smooth surface. which makes it very convenient to clean up the motion sensor garbage can with lid, it will save a lot of time.
  • EASY TO LIFT, FAST TO PACK – When you need to change the trash bag, you only need to open the trash can lid and lift the trash bag rope to pack the trash away directly without touching the edge of the trash bag.Keeping away from dirt and rubbish, the thoughtful design of this bathroom wastebasket allows people to stay away from the worries of packing rubbish.
  • PERFECT SIZE – 12.4”L×7.28”W×13.8’H with 4 gallon capacity, durable ABS materials. Slim trash can perfect size for office, living room, bathroom, dormitory room and other small places.The design of the small round cover better protects your privacy. When your family and friends visit, there will be no embarrassment of rubbish exposed. This is also a beautiful and perfect gift.
  • 10 ROLLS OF 150 CUSTOM FIT GARBAGE BAGS – In order to meet your daily needs, we have prepared 150 high-quality 4 gallon drawstring garbage bags for you, which perfectly fits your trash can and can also perfectly hide garbage bags.The extra thick plastic and double stitched construction prevents tears and you won’t have to worry about not choosing a good quality garbage bag.
  • AUTOMATIC TRASH CAN,PET PROOF – Intelligent opening device ensures that the trash cans are opened less unnecessarily and last longer, while effectively preventing pet nuisance.When your pet wants to open the trash can, the lid is fully closed, so the pet will not knock over the trash and there will be no unpleasant smell in the home.


4 Gallon Waterproof MOPUP Plastic Slim Motion Sensor Small Bedroom Garbage Can Touchless Bathroom Trash Can
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