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  • High quality materials: our piping bags reusable and flower mounting mouth are made of durable stainless steel and TPU materials, with light weight, convenient size, very soft and flexible, corrosion-resistant, non stick and tasteless. Feel comfortable, easy to use, and complete sets of tools, can create a lot of different shapes, enough to meet the needs of most guests.
  • Cultivate creativity: our cake decoration tips and bags allow you to make a variety of decorative patterns to help you quickly choose the patterns you need. Our cake decoration tools provide you with the creativity to make all kinds of flowers, cake patterns, Cupcake decoration kits, pies, frosts or fillings and biscuits, which can cultivate your baking interest.
  • Ideal gift: our cake decorating kit for beginners provides beautiful icing tips for cake decoration gifts on different occasions, whether it’s birthday, housewarming, anniversary mother’s day, parties, weddings, Christmas and other ceremonies. It’s precisely because this set has various shapes that it’s also a good cake decoration set for beginners.
  • Easy to use: our cake baking kit is easy to assemble, clean and safe for dishwashers. Silicon pastry bag can support different colors of icing, while decorating the cake, coupler makes it chaotic and free to switch tips. It’s easy to exchange tips to try different designs. You can create all kinds of flowers and patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pies and biscuits.
  • Unique design: we adopt the design of reusable pipe bag and mounting nozzle kit, which is smooth inside, easy to squeeze, rough outside and easier to grasp. Suitable for any type of decoration tips, we provide you with mandatory accessories to bake new decoration designs in an economical, fast and simple way


Cakes Decoration Tool Cream Pastry Bag Fondant Decor Pastry Nozzle Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets
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