Smart Recessed Lighting 6 inch Slim Led Recessed Light


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  • Download Smart Life APP, and use Mesh Hub(included) or Bluetooth to connect led recessed lighting to enjoy smart life. Connected with Mesh Hub for stable remote control (Only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi), will be more stable and faster control response than other recessed lights connected directly to Wifi.
  • GTbriter smart recessed lighting compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, that will release your hands, you can switch it on and off, and set the brightness, color, and color temperature by voice.
  • Our smart led recessed lights provide 16 million+ colors. They support warm white and cool white from 2700K to 6500K, 1-100% brightness can be adjusted. App with multiple scene modes, it can meet your different lighting needs.
  • ①Music Sync: the recessed lighting can change following the music or sound from the microphone;②Group Control: you can batch control recessed lighting, the group can use the music mode, change with music at the same time;③Timer: let recessed lighting on and off at the desired time;④Share Devices: share with other people and control smart downlights together.
  • GTbriter 6-inch led recessed light is ultra-thin, perfect design and high quality. We provide a 1-year warranty, if you have any questions, welcome to contact us, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Compatible with Alexa Google Assistant Smart Recessed Lighting
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