Smart Led Strip Lights Work with Alexa


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  • Our LED light bar’s control terminal uses the latest application technology which can help the light band connect with your alexa speaker easily.You just need to say “Alexa, discover device!” to the echo speaker and the light band will connect to the Echo speaker by itself.My product does not include “Echo”.
  • Our led bars are 65.6 feet in length and 32.8 feet in 2 rolls. With over 16 million colors, the intelligent bars are made of durable and bright LED lights with 5050 65.6 can install them in living rooms, bedrooms, dens and kitchens to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.
  • Besides the 44-button IR remote, you can control your room’s intelligent lights in a smarter way. You can use the “amazon alexa” intelligent app to adjust brightness, colors and turn on or off the 65.6-foot color-changing LED bar. At the same time, you can easily control your intelligent LED bars with the Alexa speaker and make the light change with the rhythm of external music by using the music button on the remote. All of these is good for your house party.
  • The 65.6 foot LED bars will be designed to synchronize with music and external sound. So the light color will change with the music beat and your voice,just like the light dances to the beat. The room music led lights are suitable for party lighting.
  • You can cut extra lengths between every 3 flexible LEDs which are used for bedrooms and easily to be installed,But the extra part after cutting cannot be used. You just need to peel off the tape on the back of the bar and stick it to a wall or other surfaces because the strong adhesives work well and won’t damage your walls. So you can easily apply rgb LED bars to any smooth location you want.


Kakameow Led Lights Smart Led Strip Lights] Work with Alexa
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