RUIXINDA Levitating Light Bulb Lamp


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  • Magnetic levitating light bulb adopts the newest magnetic levitation technique and make light bulb floated and spinning automatically in mid-air freely without any support,which able to attract people’s eyes. In addition, bulb powered through the air via induction,lights controlled by the touch button: ON/OFF
  • A cool concept. The minimalistic design combined with mind-boggling magnetic levitation technology, makes floating light bulb the ultimate conversation piece. Moreover, the levitating bulb lamp is a wonderful desk decoration. It slowly spins in mid-air and the light giving a pleasant warm glow, which can create a warm atmosphere in the dark.
  • This magnetic levitation light bulb adopt wireless power transmission. The bulb is powered by air via induction and made of environmentally friendly material. Moreover, It is powered by electromagnetic induction, no cable or built-in battery.
  • Cool Tech Gift for lover,friends,parents,kids at Christmas, birthday , holidays, wedding, anniversary and business,Add to levitating light bulb into cart -Image when they receive and open the box, it will bring them much surprise!
  • You will receive light bulb + magnetic suspension base + power cord. RUIXINDA offers a 24-hour after-service. If you have any questions about floating light bulb, please feel free to contact our customer service.


Cool Gadgets Floating Light Bulb Floating and Spinning Levitating Light Bulb Lamp RUIXINDA Touch Control
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