Mini Survival Tool Kit


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  • Small and sophisticated emergency survival gadget.Contains smaller knives and trench lighters than the thumb.
  • 1.3*2.5cm stainless steel copper-plated kerosene waterproof lighter with additional sealing ring and cotton core.(According to Amazon’s logistics rules, this lighter product does not contain kerosene. The kerosene used in the lighter needs to be purchased locally by the customer).
  • 4.8cm pure copper sharp knife. The more used, the brighter of knife copper body.
  • When you see them, you even think they are the smallest keychain lighters and knives in the world.
  • Usually you can use them as a decoration for the keychain.When you encounter an urgent need to cut something or need to ignite something, you will find this gadget so intimate and cute.


Field Emergency Self-Help Gadget. Mini Survival Tool Kit Sophisticated and Practical
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