6 in 1 Lighted Grill Tool

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE TOOL. Now you can flip, toss, grab, turn, cut & serve your grilled steak, beef hamburger, chicken, vegetables, hotdog or seafood with one tool. It even opens glass bottles!
  • 365 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We are so certain you will love it, that we offer a one year money back on all Jokari products. Join our family of Kitchen Gadget loving customers.
  • LIGHTED SO YOU CAN GRILL AND CLEAN IN THE DARK. An LED flashlight shines bright so you can cook dinner with confidence, even at the most rustic of campsites.
  • NO MORE DROPPING FOOD OFF THE GRILL. The retractable tongs secure your food on the spatula to safely transfer your entire meal from the grate to the plate and eliminate waste.
  • SAVE SPACE WITH THE ULTIMATE CAMPING ACCESSORY. You love to camp, but space for gear is limited! This handy utensil consolidates many tools into 1 completely multi functional food preparation gadget.


Adjustable Tongs Cooking Utensil Grip Handle Jokari Lighted Grill Tool Spatula
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