Joie Avocado Keeper


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  • Use this avocado holder and keep your avocados fresh and delicious for snacking, salads, and guacamole whenever you’re ready.
  • These avocado stretch pods create a tight seal to eliminate odor and ensure freshness. Eliminate waste by using this avocado preserver – it’s compact too, so it won’t take up much refrigerator space.
  • Joie’s avocado storage container also protects the fruit from being squashed or bruised, and oxidation is reduced greatly.
  • Using this stretchy avocado container will reduce plastic consumption and waste production. Stop using plastic bags or plastic wrap, help the environment, and make a home for this avocado saver pod. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Bring your avocado with you! If you’ve ever wondered how to transport your avocado without bruising or damage, use this avocado saver and keeper.


Joie Storage Container Stretch Pod
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