Fun Rotelle-Shaped Silicone Trivet / Hot Pads 


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  • PROTECT YOUR KITCHEN SURFACES AND THE TABLECLOTH. Use these trivets for hot dishes whenever you need to handle a heated dish or a baking sheet. Keep silicone pot holders at hand and ready to never risk damaging your counters while cooking for yourself or your loved ones.
  • GET ONLY FUN AND COOL GADGETS! Our mission is to deliver kitchen tools that make the cooking process more exciting and impress the guests. It’s extra gratifying when the stuff we make, like this silicone trivet, is also practical and promotes safety.
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN. Made entirely of silicone, this heat resistant mat was designed originally by Monkey Business. Even if your countertop is tough, trivets for hot pots and pans are absolute kitchen must haves, and we made ours extra thick to protect your surfaces.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE. The material this silicone hot pad is made of is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and food-grade, so you don’t need to worry about using the trivets / hot pads / pot holders around all the food on the table and on the counter.
  • A PERFECT GIFT. Silicone trivets for hot pots and pans make nice gifts for anyone who likes to cook. Hot dishes are a hazard, and trivets for kitchen counter surfaces are a solution. Silicone trivets make the kitchen safer, and our fun kitchen gadgets also add to the loveliness of your home.


Cool Hot Pads Hot Pads Monkey Business Rotelle-Shaped Silicone Trivet
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