Chicken Shredder Shred Machine

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  • The chicken shredder has been newly upgraded and made of high quality ABS material,BPA free, durable and high temperature resistant. The round meat shredder has multiple ‘sharp teeth’ on the inside to quickly rip meat in seconds, saving you cooking time.
  • 6 anti-slip designs are added to the bottom of this pulled chicken machine, during use, the chicken shredder tool will not be easily moved and overturned, which increases the stability of use and protects the desktop from damage.
  • The round chicken shredder tool comes with a handle for easy use. You can easily shred the meat by simply placing the cooked meat inside, closing the lid, and turning the handle a few turns. At the same time, the shredder with handle can keep the original taste of the food during use and keep the food fresh for you.
  • Our cooked meat shredder has a smooth texture, the surface will not stick to food easily, it can be washed directly with water and used for many times. The size of meat tools is 9.8×3.14 inches, the size is standard, suitable for most dishwashers, and it is more convenient to clean.
  • The pork shredding tool is not only suitable for meat but also vegetables, making it easy for your culinary life. A versatile chicken shredder that can make BBQ pork, tacos, enchiladas, roast pork, buffalo chicken salad, tuna salad and more, making it easy for your cooking life.


Alternative to Bear Claws Chicken Shredder Shred Machine Fship Meat Shredder
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