Transparent Padlock,Training Lock Professional Cutaway Inside View

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It’s suitable for beginners,you can see clearly that how the pins work when a key is inserted.
It will come out in perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins will come out.
Transparent plastic shell: Package includes: 1 x Padlock, 2 x keys.
You actually can see the pins moving up and down as the key slides into and out of the lock
Any question, please email us, we are always here to help you

Transparent Padlock, Training lock Professional Cutaway Inside view of Practice Keyed Padlocks Training Skill Pick for Locksmith with 2 Keys
Please note that this is for Leisure use, and not for any illegal operations, as we do not condone the use for any form of any Unlawful entering or any illegal operations

Light Weight and easily carry-able
Clear plastic material designed for internal view while Lock-Picking
Two Keys to to help see how it operates Suitable for most Lock-Picks

Size: 11.4 x 8.6 x 2.4 cm (H x W x T)
Net weight : 130g
Package Contents
1 x Padlock2
2 x Keys
This Lock is perfect for you Lock-Picking skills, the clear plastic case, clearly shows all you need to see to master the art of Lock Picking. We also supply two keys so that you can see how pins move, to learn and master how it operates.


Training Lock Professional Cutaway Transparent Padlock
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