Stainless Steel Marinade injector Syringe

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  • 3 sized marinate injection needle which penetrate deep to ensure even distribution. The 5.7 inch 12-holes needles is for liquid only marinades. The 5.6 inch angle cut needle is for chunky marinades. The shortest steak needle is for injecting thin cuts of meat. The Needles will dispenses your flavor and moisture deep giving you that tasty meat that you have ever wished for
  • To ensure you enjoy every bite with flavor,our food injector is solidly built to last to intensify flavors of Thanksgiving/ Christmas turkey, meat- beef brisket, pork butts, lamb, chicken, goose and duck. Perfect for BBQ, smoked grill, family party, bonfire party
  • All parts of our meat injector are detachable for easy cleaning.( Needle sharp, be careful when cleaning ).To make it easier to inject, add a little bit of cooking oil to the o-rings so the parts slide easily.The best way to properly clean your meat injector needles is to start with hot,soapy water.If you have used a thicker sauce,the 2 cleaning brush will helps you clean the needles with ease
  • Make sure to clean the meat injector after each use with the cleaning accessories


AKPE BBQ Grill and Turkey injector Syringe Meat Injector Stainless Steel Marinade
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