SPA High-End Self Cleaning Pet Grooming Kit


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  • (SPA DESIGN) Your pet deserves to be treated with the best we can offer. Fashionable yet functional SPA set.
  • (MASSAGE BRUSH) One button self cleaning comb. Round head with beads doesn’t hurt the skin. Can release pain and promotes blood circulation.
  • (UNDERCOAT RAKE) High-quality steel forged cutter. Eliminates knots and removes undercoat hair easily. Can be washed under water.
  • (DESHEDDING COMB) Easily removes loose and floating hair. Keeps your pet’s fur shiny.
  • (COMPLETE SET) One sturdy removable steel handle creates three high-end tools.


Cleaning Pet Grooming Kit Fuchsia Massage Brush Professional Grooming Rake Undercoat Dematting Tool
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