PawTalk Recordable Dog Buttons


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  • TALKING PET BUTTONS: Enhance cat and dog communication with voice recording buttons. Easily record a word or phrase, then press the button to hear it played back.
  • DOG BUTTONS STARTER SET: Starter kit includes 4 large, paw-shaped buttons in bright colors. Non-skid pads on the bottom of each button keep them firmly in place.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Recordable buttons are better than pre-recorded buttons – it’s easier for your pet to recognize words and unique phrases in your familiar voice.
  • CONVENIENT POWER: Each button is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included) which are easy to insert and replace, unlike tiny cell batteries.
  • TEACH YOUR PET TO SPEAK: User guide included with instructions, tips, and advice. Enhance bonding, improve communication, and reinforce positive training.


PawTalk Recordable Dog Buttons Speaking Button Teach Your Dog to Communicate Through Words
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