Multicolor Dimmable LED Cabinet Lighting Counter Showcase


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  • Use with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo dot, Google Home Assistant, Smart Things. Control your smart cabinet lighting system by voice, give voice commands to turn on/off, choose color , adjust the brightness. or dim/ brighten your lights (eg “Alexa, set cabinet lights to blue”, “Alexa, set cabinet lights to adjust brightness 70%”)
  • Set the light color, brightness or turn on/off the light system through the smartphone App. Control your lights anytime, anywhere, you can set the lights to turn on slowly when the sun rises, and turn them off slowly at night when you go to bed. Simulate the scene mode of sunrise and sunset. Even if you are not in town. Rename your lights and schedules through the app
  • The app can choose from millions of colors, ideal home decoration mood lighting solution, RGB is used to light up the mood atmosphere, white is a mixed color of RGB, not recommended for lighting purposes. If you need great white, please order our YSR-CGD-CCT ASIN B09ZPSF3BB
  • Set different lighting modes in smart life to match various occasions including kitchen, living room, bedroom, program your favorite color and brightness to your satisfied scene
  • Support local remote control, you can switch the remote control, or change the brightness, color and mode, (please note that the remote control needs to be used after controlling the distribution network). At the same time, the built-in MIC microphone supports music rhythm.


Cabinet Lighting Compatible with Alexa Counter Showcase Kitchen Echo Google Home Multicolor Dimmable LED
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