Mira Fertility Plus Analyzer Replacement E3G + LH Test Wands, 20 Ovulation Tests


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  • MIRA FERTILITY PLUS WAND BOX INCLUDES 20 individually packaged single use Mira Fertility Estrogen plus LH Test Wands for use with Mira Fertility PLUS Analyzer Only (sold separately); User Manual and Quickstart Guide Included
  • 99 PERCENT ACCURACY in detecting the Estrogen and LH hormone surge which is a main indicator of ovulation. No more missed conception windows
  • EASE OF USE. Simply dip the Mira Test Wands in your urine and insert into the Mira Fertility PLUS Analyzer. Your Estrogen and LH hormone readings are analyzed and clear results are sent to the Mira App. No more vague lines and confusing over the counter fertility test strips
  • AI PERSONALIZED CYCLE PREDICTION. The Mira Fertility Tracker and App uses AI to learn your changing hormone patterns. This is put together in a highly personalized and accurate ovulation prediction, and provides fertility advice specific to you
  • SMART APP. The Mira Analyzer syncs with the Mira Fertility Tracker App and is compatible with all iPhone devices (iPhone 5 and iOS 10.6 and up) and all major Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher); Requires Bluetooth


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