Creative Stress Ball. Fidget Toys

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  • Fun stress relieves toys, You can squeeze it wildly when you encounter unpleasant things, it is based on people’s facial expressions and is more suitable for relax fidgety
  • A popular stress relief toy in offices and schools, this is a fidgety toy for people with anxiety and ADHD. The size is 2.3 inches, making it easy to carry
  • Solid material: Very resilient, you can squeeze with all your strength and not worry about it breaking
  • Safety and environmental protection: harmless to skin, easy to clean. It can be washed with water, which is more suitable for children to relieve stress and anxiety
  • If you feel that he is a little sticky, you can apply some oil or sprinkle some powder, which will bring you a different feeling


Creative Stress Ball HOW PLAY Relieve Stress and Anxiety
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