Gold bar door stop


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  • “999.9 Fine Gold” engraved on the surface of Fake Gold Bullion Bar. Packed with an exquisite case. A perfect gag gift for your friends.
  • Even though our fake gold bar is made of plastic, the surface will shine under the light. Looks exactly like the real bullion bar.
  • Our Fake Gold Bullion Door Stop was filled with high-density material. Weights 1.4lb with a compact size. Hefty and durable, sturdy and portable, paired with 4 anti-slip spots at bottom to enhance the traction.
  • Our gold bar door stop was applied with an advanced technic process, molded in one, no rough edges, arc angle design, won’t hurt children.
  • Apart from being a door stop to prevent the door from slamming accidently, our fake gold brick can also be used as a paperweight or played as a prank prop. Let your friends’ jaws drop when you show the Bullion Bar to them.


Door Stopper Glittering Gold Fake Gold Bar FUTUREPLUSX Gold Bar Door Stop Paperweight Gold Bullion
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