Deluxe gift box of nothing


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  • PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT YOU DO LISTEN: You asked, they answered, “Nothing.” Don’t risk upsetting them with anything other than their heart’s true desire…a Deluxe Box of Nothing.
  • MORE NOTHING THAN THEY COULD EVER DREAM OF – Each Deluxe Box of Nothing is practically overflowing with an endless supply of nothing, and nothing goes with everything!
  • CLEAN HUMOR GAG GIFT FOR ANY AGE OR OCCASION – Anyone and everyone can give and receive a Deluxe Box of Nothing for any occasion. Cranky teens and stubborn parents alike can all learn a lesson about saying what they would really like for holidays, birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion.
  • 100% USELESS GUARANTEE: This funny novelty gift is completely useless, just like asking that special someone what they want.
  • MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 5.5 INCHES X 4 INCHES – The best thing about the Deluxe Nothing model is that it’s compact enough for a stocking stuffer yet holds all the nothing you desire to put into it. So much win in one gift box!


Deluxe Box You Said You Wanted Nothing Prank
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