Agon Tournament-Grade RGB Gaming Mouse Mat


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  • VIBRANT RGB EDGE LIGHTING: Choose between 16.8M customizable color options and numerous vivid Light FX that can be synchronized with other AGON monitors and accessories to create the ultimate lighting setup.
  • MAXIMIZE MOUSE PERFORMANCE: Micro-textured pattern ensures fast, consistent, and precise tracking anywhere on the pad for increased accuracy and swift maneuvers.
  • ULTRA-LOW FRICTION FOR FLUID MOTION: Extremely smooth cloth surface for easy gliding and quick swipes, while offering ample space for high-action gaming.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE: High-density, anti-slip rubber base with unique grip texture makes sure the pad stays securely in place at all times even during intense gameplay.
  • DRAG-FREE CORD FOR WIRELESS-LIKE PERFORMANCE: Ready to use USB 2.0 wired mouse mat featuring a 5.9 ft braided fiber cord for durability and worry-free battery charging.
  • SPACIOUS 14 x 10 inches of surface area so you don’t easily run out of space when zooming across your ultrawide monitors


Light FX 16.8M Customizable Colors Micro-Texture Cloth Surface Mouse Pad RGB Gaming Mouse Mat
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