Bottle Opener for Twist-Off Type Caps

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  • Easily Open—Applicable for Twist-Off Type Caps with size under 3 inches, not applicable for Pry-Off Type Caps such as: beer bottle, design in leverage: provide a force produces one greater output force to twist off Caps, suitable for weak hands, seniors, the elderly
  • Good grab around Caps—Design with sharp teeth made from supper hard metal to grab hold of lid, it firmly bites the tops which no matter made of tinplate or plastic, such as: water bottle, soda bottle, milk bottle, soft drink bottles
  • Twist off Various Types of Lids—Design in V shape, when open bottle, it automatically grab the lids whether the lids is small or big with size from diameter 0.8 to around 3 inches
  • Pocket-Sized Bottle Opener—Design with compact, only occupy a little space in cabinets, and hang in kitchen everywhere, even fit into your pocket, travel everywhere with you
  • High Reliability and Durable Twist-off Type Bottle Opener- it is made with high-quality plastic and with metal teeth, do not worry wear away, never slip around lids when twist off Tops, during prototype stage, we introduced advanced design and problem solving method-DOE (design of experiment), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), 5Why to find out the root cause and corrective action, by these design tools, we finally produce this high reliable twist-off type opener


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