New Faucet Splash-Proof Draining Rack Water Collection Pad


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  • Movable buckle, Adjustables diameter, strong applicability, suitable for various countertops.The preferred material is not easy to age, strong and durable, the material is soft and bendable without deformation[Slope Design] Easy to prevent splash, draining water faster. When washing hands or washing items, prevent water droplets from splashing on the slope on the countertop and converge water in the bottom draining basket.
  • Refuse to be damp, draining water and ventilate clean and hygienic. Cleaning utensils are quick-drying. Kitchen sink mats thicken silicone faucet mat for bottom of kitchen sink protector. Silicone faucet handle drip catcher tray, dish drying rack and kitchen guard mat.
  • Rasy to pick and place, clean utensils are tidy and orderly, and neatly placed.Durable Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink – No only faucet mat, but also Can hold many small items, help to tidy your sponger, soap, etc. Effectively drain the extra water from the faucet splash, and get away from a wet and mess sink.
  • The easy clean reusable silicone sink mat suit for most family faucets, include sink faucet, bar faucet, can also be used as a normal dish rack, kitchen or bathroom organizer, etc.


Draining Rack Water Collection Pad Kitchen Bathroom Gadgets Non-Slip Countertop Pad
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